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Television Program 139
House Hearing 8
Senate Hearing 6
Hearing on the Iran Nuclear Agreement 4
Attorney General Nomination Hearing, Day 1 2
Attorney General Nomination Hearing, Day 2 2
British--Hearing 2
FBI Director James Comey Oversight Hearing Testimony 2
Hearing on Campus Sexual Assaults 2
Hearing on Cars and the Internet 2
Hearing on Heroin Addiction 2
Hearing on Islamic Extremism Threat in Russia 2
Hearing on U.S.- Pakistan Relations 2
Hearing on Veterans Choice Program Implementation and Future 2
Hearing on Washington, D.C. Airspace Security 2
Hearing on the U.S. Capitol Police 2
Oversight Hearing on TSA 2
Secretary of Defense Confirmation Hearing 2
Senate Confirmation Hearing 2
Senate--Hearing 2
Army Secretary Confirmation Hearing 1
Attorney General Nomination Hearing, Day 1, Part 2 1
Attorney General Nomination Hearing, Day 1, Part 3 1
British Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing 1
British Hearing... 1
Confirmation Hearing 1
Defense Budget Hearing 1
Deputy Attorney General Nomination Hearing 1
FCC Oversight Hearing 1
Gun Violence Hearing 1
Health and Human Services Confirmation Hearing 1
Hearing 1
Hearing on 2015 Human Trafficking Report 1
Hearing on Amtrak Train Derailment 1
Hearing on Anheuser-Busch InBev-SAB Miller Merger 1
Hearing on Astrobiology 1
Hearing on Avian Flu Response 1
Hearing on Building of New U.S. Embassy in London 1
Hearing on Building the U.S. Embassy in Kabul 1
Hearing on Cartoon Contest Attack in Garland, Texas 1
Hearing on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Data Collection 1
Hearing on Cybersecurity 1
Hearing on Department of Justice Oversight 1
Hearing on Document Production and Congressional Oversight 1
Hearing on EPA Ozone Regulations 1
Hearing on Electronic Privacy Reforms 1
Hearing on FAA Modernization and Reforms 1
Hearing on FOIA and Government Transparency 1
Hearing on Fiscal Year 2016 Refugee Resettlement Program 1
Hearing on Heroin Abuse Among Teens 1
Hearing on Hydraulic Fracturing 1
Hearing on Immigration Enforcement and Sanctuary Cities 1
Hearing on Iran Nuclear Agreement 1
Hearing on Iran Nuclear Agreement and U.S. Middle East Policy 1
Hearing on Issuance of Regulatory Guidelines 1
Hearing on Live Anthrax Shipments 1
Hearing on Menu Labeling Requirements 1
Hearing on Nepal Earthquake Response 1
Hearing on North Korean Nuclear Test 1
Hearing on Office of Personnel Management Data Breach 1
Hearing on Oil Markets and Terrorism 1
Hearing on Planned Parenthood 1
Hearing on Russian Arms Control 1
Hearing on Secret Service Conduct Issues 1
Hearing on Sentencing Laws and the U.S. Prison System 1
Hearing on Sex Trafficking Victims 1
Hearing on Social Media and Terrorism 1
Hearing on TSA Workforce Vetting Procedures 1
Hearing on TSA and Postal Service Nominations 1
Hearing on Takata Air Bag Recall 1
Hearing on Technology and Border Security 1
Hearing on Threats and Encryption Issues 1
Hearing on Tools to Help Seniors Stay in Their Own Homes 1
Hearing on Treatment of Whistleblowers at the VA 1
Hearing on U.N. Peacemaking 1
Hearing on U.S. Agricultural Trade with Cuba 1
Hearing on U.S. Aircraft Carrier Program 1
Hearing on U.S. Policy and Strategy in the Middle East 1
Hearing on U.S. Policy in Iraq and Syria 1
Hearing on U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan 1
Hearing on U.S.-Cuba Relations 1
Hearing on Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Sponsor Background Checks 1
Hearing on Undocumented and Unaccompanied Minor Immigrants 1
Hearing on Volkswagen Emissions Violations 1
Hearing on Work in Retirement 1
Hearing on Worldwide Cybersecurity Threats 1
Hearing on the FCC's Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request 1
Hearing on the Gold King Mine Wastewater Spill 1
Hearing on the Internet of Things 1
Hearing on the Islamic State and Religious Minorities 1
Hearing on the U.S. Foster Care System 1
Hearing on the Visa Waiver Program 1
Homeland Security Inspector General Confirmation Hearing 1
House Hearing on Terrorism 1
House Homeland Security Committee Field Hearing on Ebola 1
House Oversight Hearing 1
Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Confirmation Hearing 1
Oversight Hearing on Drug Control Policy 1
Oversight Hearing on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Operations 1
Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Hearing--Panel 1
Privacy and Civil Liberties--Hearing 1
Secret Service Investigation Hearing 1
Secretary of Defense Nomination Hearing 1
Senate Labor Committee Hearing 1
Senate Military Confirmation Hearing 1
Senate--Committee Hearing--Egypt 1
State Department Trafficking Director Confirmation Hearing 1
Too Big to Fail Hearing 1
Veterans Affairs Secretary Nomination Hearing 1
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